ES365: Products, GoAnywhere MFT and Anywhere 365

Moving files and data around in your organization? Maybe into and out of your organization with partners?
No visibility on whether jobs were successful today? Your existing cloud storage solution costing too much?
Security a concern?

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Users contacting your staff directly? Service delivery tied to individual availability?
Don't know how busy your staff are? Customers want to interact on Social Media and WhatsApp?
Using Lync / Skype-for-Business / Office 365?

Our Products

Enterprise Solutions 365 (ES365) has significant experience in designing the best and most cost effective enterprise-grade solutions for both SMEs and large businesses. We start by leveraging your existing software and infrastructure investments before buying off the shelf or building from scratch. When buying off the shelf we perform a standards and quality based target selection exercise in selecting the best product / vendor combinations for your business requirements or select from the products we have previously selected and / or implemented in our experience.

Based on our experience, we believe strongly in the following two products that we promote in South Africa and the greater African continent :

GoAnywhere MFT from Linoma Software is our Advanced Managed File Transfer solution that runs on just about any platform and can transfer and transform files and data from any source to any destination. Learn more.

Anywhere 365 from Workstream People is our Advanced Skype-for-Business and Lync Unified Contact Centre (UCC) solution. Learn more.

ES365 offers a number of value added services including:

  • Software Licensing and Assurance
  • Implementation services, including:
    • Problem Analysis and Solution Proposal
    • Documented Solution Design
    • Documented Engineering Design
    • Installation and Configuration
  • Training
  • Anywhere 365 Customization and Development
  • GoAnywhere Package Development
  • Support and Maintenance