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ES365 was formed in 2016 by Uthmaan Hendricks and Adiel Kader, after working together in the oil, corporate, refinery and retail sectors. With more than 25 years of experience each, they have delivered technology solutions at enterprise level in almost all Information Technology disciplines, in more than 20 countries in Africa and Europe.

We are confident that the knowledge and techniques that we have acquired can be used to benefit almost any organisation.

There is a huge gap between corporate strategy and on-the-ground technical delivery and operational effectiveness. Enterprise Solution Architecture span the gap between the aspirational objectives of the organisation and the delivery of technology-based solutions that add real business value.

Areas of Expertise

ES365’s expertise lies in delivering pragmatic and affordable best of breed information technology solutions that are aligned with technology industry frameworks, methodologies and standards.

Tactical & Strategic Technology Leadership

ES365 can assist in providing solution delivery direction aligned to business strategy in both immediate (tactical) as well as in long term strategic scenarios. With tactical solutioning we will ensure enterprise grade, immediately implementable solutions that with minimal regret cost.

Value Management

ES365 makes use of a value chain model to assess solution delivery progress against the value outcomes determined for each project stage gate. Each stage gate reached is assessed for its value outcomes with a view to failing early if not reached so as to minimise regret cost.

Enterprise Solution Architecture Practice

Solution architecture is an ongoing operational capability that requires an organisational structure, governance, processes and commensurate skill requirements to be implemented effectively. ES365 has experience in successfully establishing successful solution architecture practices, ES365 will also assist by operating the practice initially in a handover mode.

Enterprise Solutions Architecture Design & Modelling

ES365 delivers solutions that are enterprise contextual and strategically aware, solutioning may often start with the modelling of a reference architecture before a solution design is derived. Reference architectures set the solutioning scene for providing technology direction, organisational alignment, standardisation, solution reuse, scale of economies in cost reduction and many other benefits.

Data Governance

ES365 can assist in defining the organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, principles, policies, standards, guidelines, processes and tools related to implementing and maintaining a secure and effective enterprise data landscape. The objective would be to deliver high quality data to the right people at the right time to support evidence-based decision making.

General Technology Consulting

ES365 can assist in point-in-time delivery support of almost any technology-based solution across most technology disciplines.

Benefits Realisation

Project delivery and benefits realisation are not the same thing. ES365 will work with the business to ensure that the project investment results in the intended benefits for the organisation.

Target Selection

Target selection is the formalised process of assessing potential technology vendor products or platforms against specific business and technology requirements. Beside deep vendor engagement, we construct comprehensive evaluation criteria, manage the RFI / RFP process, collate results and execute POCs to verify vendor claims (if required).

Assessment & Review

As business needs and the technology landscape evolves over time the relevance of existing solutions to the organisation’s needs, their effectiveness, the alignment to corporate strategy and so on may change. ES365 provides review services the assess both strategic relevance and/or technical performance of existing enterprise solutions.

Adherence to Design

The design and the actual implementation of an approved design are usually completely divergent. ES365 will work with implementation teams after design approval to ensure that what was agreed is actually implemented.

Investment Proposal Development

An investment proposal is used to quantify the full implementation and operational cost of potential technology solutions that would support a defined business case. ES365 will construct high-level solution designs, assess implementation and operating cost and effort amongst other factors against these designs to construct a viable investment proposal.

Business Transformation

Effective solutions are not solely focussed on technology delivery, how the business operates and implements solutions in its operational environment is critical to its effectiveness. ES365 will assist in reviewing business ways of working to maximise solution effectiveness by assessing organisational structure, governance, processes and skill requirements.

Project Facilitation

ES365 can provide project management, programme management and project management office (PMO) resources to supplement organisational technology solution delivery.

Technology Roadmap Development

Every organisation should have an approved technology roadmap to guide technology decision-making. The roadmap should represent existing and planned organisational capability, platform end-of-life dates, key decision-points that influence decision making as well as the business and technology principles that inform these decisions.

Practical Enterprise Architecture Delivery

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Adiel Kader

Managing Director

I am passionate about the potential of technology to deliver business value. Leveraging more than 25 years in the enterprise solutions and IT infrastructure field, I aim to solve business challenges through suitably architectured solutions, implemented efficiently and cost-effectively. Talk to me about your enterprise-wide information technology requirements

Uthmaan Hendricks

Uthmaan Hendricks

Technical Director

With more than 25 years of practical experience, I pride myself in not just delivering enterprise information technology solutions, but also ensuring business value. By guiding and empowering the right staff with the right skills. I drive efficient redesign and re-engineer technology solutions that meet the changing needs of our clients.

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