Our solutions architecture service focuses on developing best practices and integrated patterns for an enterprise. Using integrated patterns means we develop systems to integrate new and existing software in your business environment. We achieve this by evaluating your business requirements and turn them into solutions, products, or services.

The solutions we provide are not only aligned to our clients’ requirements but seek to digitally transform their business. Our intention is to add business value over and above what the business requires.

Strategic Management Consulting

Business Strategy Planning

Business strategic planning is used to determine the direction in which you want to take your business to be able to sustainably compete in the future.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a strategic plan formulated to achieve specific goals linked to the delivery of digital capabilities for an organisation over defined a period of time.

Business Process Digitisation

Digitization is the conversion of analogue information such as printed or handwritten documents into digital form so that the processing of this information can be automated.

Unified Customer Experience

A unified customer experience provides the customer with seamless organisational engagement across all supported communication channels. This requires an alignment of process and technology supported by a single view of the customer.

Technology Strategic Planning

A technology (IT) strategic plan details the strategic delivery of technology to support the delivery of digital services that enable the business strategy.

Process Design & Optimisation

Involves the design of a series of steps that will optimally orchestrate the delivery of business operational tasks to meet functional, quality and governance objectives. As the business and/or the environment in which it operates evolves, processes become less optimal and the design needs to be revisited to take these into consideration.

Platform Modernisation

Refers to the modernisation of any existing platform to a newer version of the same platform or a different vendor platform. It is also often used to refer to the migration from on-premises to cloud services.

Digital Roadmapping

The process of plotting the digital delivery of an organisation over a defined period of time with clear delivery points targeting the delivery of digital capability. It should be supportive of the business capability roadmap and consider business, technology and key vendor strategies and vendor roadmaps as well as technology shifts and trends in industry.

Data & Information Strategy

A data and information strategy is a vision for how a company will collect, store, share, utilise, secure and manage data and information assets.

Reference Architecture Development

A reference architecture is a blueprint that guides organisational solution design by establishing how a particular set of IT products and services should be structured and integrated within the context of that organisation’s technology landscape.

Solution Architecture Services

Technology Assessment & Review

Technology assessment involves the review of the effectiveness of existing technology employed by an organisation to deliver it business services. The outcome includes a set of findings and recommendations for optimisation of business service delivery. Recommendations are not necessarily technology related, it may also or only be process related.

Solution Road Mapping

The concept minimum viable product to expedite early value delivery means many solution designs are split into a sequence of designs aligned with a delivery strategy based on a capability maturity model. Solution road mapping splits the strategic solution into capability maturity stages and mapping of these onto a roadmap aligned with organisation maturity over a determined time period.

Solution Modelling

This involves the logical and visual depiction of a complete solution that includes all its key components, the interaction between these components and between the solution and its operating environment.

Enterprise Solution Architecture

Involves the transversal design, implementation facilitation and review of software, data and infrastructure solutions across the entire enterprise to create transversal capabilities that can be used throughout the organisation. This concept furthers reuse, cost reduction and quicker time to market due to the concept of build once use many.

Solution Target Selection

This is the process of constructing a comprehensive set of functional and quality-based solution requirements and matching it to potential commercial platforms available on the market. Each vendor offering is comprehensively assessed, usually with client and vendor involvement, this process may include RFI/RFP, evaluation of vendor responses, shortlisting, POC and final selection.

Adherence to Design

Once a solution design is approved for implementation, the role of the solution architect is to assure the implementation of the approved solution design by remaining engaged with technical delivery staff throughout the project delivery process. The solution architect will guide delivery against design and remediates deviations from the approved design.

Solution Design Service

As executed by a solution architect, this service includes researching, reviewing, and making recommendations on any new corporate software or infrastructure solution from a perspective of governance, design, integration, and technical fit with other systems.

Solution Delivery Facilitation

Once a solution design is approved for implementation, the solution architect guides and supports technical delivery staff throughout the project delivery process.

Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is defined as the automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, usually through the use of advanced technologies

System Change Services

Refers to the change management required in the upgrade, extension, migration or modernisation of existing technology services.

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